Nightly re-cap

Brad and I have decided to buy bikes so we can go out and exercise together. Biking will be good for us because there are baby trailer attachments you can buy, so when we go out to trails we can tow the little man right along with us! I thinks it's gonna be a blast, 'bout darn time I start getting my squishy ass back into shape.

While we were out shopping for them today, I wore Braden in my K'tan. He's a happy, peaceful baby while he's in there and I just love it. I washed it the other day and it shrank a little, which is great. It keeps him snugger to me and it's easier to breastfeed that way. While we were in the bike shop, this nice man with four of his children with him smiled at me which made me feel good. That's so much nicer than the "what the hell" looks I got at the mall when we went to have lunch afterwards. You'd think I was beating my child instead of wearing him cuddled up close and happy. People are weird.

You may have noticed the site has a new look. I'm pretty pleased with it as I made it myself with the Minima template base. I'm still fine tuning a lot of stuff and plan on adding some things in the near future, but I'm happy with my progress. I owe a lot of my learning to Annie over at BlogU. I feel kinda like I've graduated the BlogU college of design having made my own template. Thanks Annie!

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Dette said...

Hi! I love your new look! :)

~Miranda~ said...

Thank you!!

annie said...

You have definitely graduated! With honors!!! Love the template.