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We're not gonna let a little thing like time of day stop us, now are we?

I've made a new years resolution. Yes I'm late, I know this. I am going to be a great home-maker. I'm going to be Martha freakin' Stewart! Ok, maybe not that much, but I do want to start taking better care of the house. I'd like to stay on top of the laundry so our bedroom doesn't always look like WW3. I'd like to vacuum the carpet more than once in a blue moon. I'd like to make sure there's always a clean bowl for cereal in the mornings instead of thinking "Damnit, all the dishes are dirty, oh well lets have a chocolate bar for breakfast". Oh and the other thing, I want to learn to cook! Yes I'm a 24 year old woman who hasn't ever cooked a decent meal in her life. I've baked desserts, and I can work a microwave like nobody's business, but I've never looked up recipes and went to the grocery store with a list and cooked a great home-made meal. I want to!

Do any of you readers have any suggestions or websites that can turn a kitchen newb like myself into Betty Crocker? Know any great ways to organize a home-cleaning schedule? If so I'd love to hear from you!

In other news, we finished Season 3 of Lost. HOLY CRAP BATMAN! What kind of cop-out was that last episode? This whole season seamed to have just been a mash-up of different random ideas the writers had with no real direction to it. What happened to the cool shit like Hugo's numbers and the button? Ehh...maybe Season 4 will be better? We usually wait til a season is out on DVD then watch it all at once, but we're mighty tempted to watch it in High Def on the computer, apparently you can see the episodes that are already out that way...

Did you know that babies get super cranky when you don't let them take naps during the day? Brad had to go on post to get his insulin prescription refilled. We went after the babies first nap thinking we'd have plenty of time to grab lunch on post, get his meds, and come home. Well, the pharmacy had an un-godly two hour wait. I didn't even get to sit with Brad til they called his number. Braden was already tired and cranky and was causing the entire waiting room to stare at us because he was crying. I had to go sit by myself in the car for an hour and a half with a screaming baby. Yeah that was a blast, let me tell ya. After it was finally over, we did stop by the marine aquarium store so Braden could get a look at all the fishes and stuff. He really loves his daddy's little nano-aquarium so we figured he'd get a kick out of seeing some of the bigger stuff and he did. It was cute.

That's all for now. If there's anything you'd like to see me write about, let me know.

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Sandy said...

I'm in the middle of Season 3, playing catch-up with Lost. I am wondering too about the cool numbers arch and where it went. I jumped into the current story line and watched this week. It's pretty crazy.