Happy 3 month Birthday!!

13 weeks/ 3 months

Braden is three months old today. He's becoming more interactive, which is a blast, but he's still as cranky as ever. No end to the mysterious colic yet. Developmentally he is "talking" to us when we talk to him. You can tell he's trying to force sound out of his little throat. He mimics aahh sounds when you make them at him. He's beginning to giggle, he makes this cute "hee hee hee" sound while grinning really huge. He has found his hands and loves to suck on them. He's not grabbing at things yet, but maybe soon. He also shows no signs of learning to roll yet, not sure when that's supposed to happen. I'm looking forward to him growing just a little more and being able to really enjoy playing with me.

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MindFul MiMi said...

Our second boy is 3 months old too. Not cranky at all. The first one was though. Hell yeah. I got the brilliant advice to see an osteopath (or chiropractor). After a few sessions, no more crying, no more branky baby. This was due to a bit of a difficult birth. So if you had a difficult birth, try bringing the baby in for a few sessions. They work miracles.

~Miranda~ said...

Actually, the funny thing is, I had a rather easy natural birth. It was fast too, and I only pushed for 36 minutes. I feel kind of bad sometimes because almost everything I read and hear says that breastfed attached babies are so much happier and never have "colic" but mine sure does :( He cries and cries even while being held.

I did suggest to my husband we see a chiropractor for him but he thought it was weird *shrug*

It's getting better. Yesterday he was a wonderful, happy baby!

Hot Momma said...

you have a very lovely baby!

thanks for dropping by my site. the arm is better as i can already type but there is still pain on the elbow.

thanks so much. bye!