Co-sleeping is beautiful

Before I became a mother, I remember sitting in my living room. My husband and I were meeting with our Doula and she was talking to us about future parenting decisions. She asked us if we would co-sleep. I remember my husband and I looked at each other with funny expressions on our faces and we both said, "Ehh, no we don't want him in our bed. He has a room and a crib upstairs". Well, fastforward to our stay at the hospital after giving birth and you will find a beautiful sleeping baby curled up next to his momma on the bed. The hospital staff thought it was charming.

Now at home, almost three months old, he has never spent a night away from his mother. I love co-sleeping with my baby. I love lying next to him and feeling his soft skin against mine. I love listening to him breath. This morning I spent an entire hour just looking at him and adoring him. It took everything I had not to stroke his little face and head and wake him up to kiss him.

Before becoming a mother, I could never have imagined how selfless and giving I could be to another little being. For as long as he wants, he's got a spot next to mommy in the bed :)

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Lyon said...

Well I guess it's human nature to be selfish, until the love starts pouring in :)

By the way, you should open your comments to other non-blogger account so that other non Google Blogger can join in the comments!


jlmschirm said...

My son is now 15 months old and we've co-slept since our first night home. I can't imagine him away from me, in another room. I was one of those mom's that had the co-sleeper attached to our bed when he was an infant and that was too far away because I couldn't "feel" him breathing. Now he is much bigger and kicks us and tosses and turns...do we get "good" sleep, not really. But is co-sleeping "good" for this full time working momma who needs more touch time with her baby...definitely! Keep snuggling your baby!

Deb DiSalvo said...

Miranda - I love that! My son is 5 and still often sleeps with me - the way I look at it is....it won't be long before he will be all indepedant and not want anything to do with me, so I want to keep him close as long as I can!

mommykerrie said...

We have coslept for 7 1/2 years and have 4 kids. The oldest 2 boys sleep together now in their bottom bunk to snuggle up to each other! Good for you!

Plus, I have always held the kids for naps. Check out my blog for the link to the LLL New Beginning's piece I wrote about it!