Lazy Day

Braden is sleeping, Brad is gaming...I'm just sitting here listening to the sound of the sleet on the roof and the babies little noise machine make bird chirping noises at me. It's rather peaceful, actually.

The ball of yarn and needles that Sabbath loaned me are sitting in front of me. I tried to keep going with the stitches she started for me, but I messed it up pretty bad, so I pulled all of it out and started over. Well I tried to start over lol. Apparently I suck pretty bad at this. I think I'm gonna make a trip to Borders and buy "Knitting for Dummies".

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Sabbath D. said...

Oh Miranda! It doesn't happen right away. There is a really great website www.knittinghelp.com. And there are videos on how to do EVERYTHING. Check it out. I still use it often to this day for things I haven't done before.