My baby's getting a tooth!

Braden's first ever tooth is coming in! He's almost 9 months old and I thought they were never going to make an appearance. I checked this morning and there was nada, but just now I felt a sharp little pointy tooth! You can just barely see it coming up from the gums. When it's all the way out, I'll post cute baby photos for you guys.

My baby's growing up!!

update: 17 Sept
Now his top left tooth has broken the skin and the right looks like it might any day now. The bottom is still slowly making it's way out. Poor baby, no teeth at all and then 3 decide to come in at once.

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Anonymous said...


It's awesome when the teeth start coming in. Jonas has two now, and they are actually crooked!

Miss ya!


Miranda said...

Hey Erin, thanks for stopping by! I'm always on Yahoo! chat, Miranda2r14 if you have it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Miranda!! I don't know if you remember me from bbc or not (mom2threekiddos)but I just want to say that I hate what has happened to you on the new board. I am going to keep coming here to see those gorgeous pictures you post of Braden. Just wanted to say I miss seeing ya around.