Do-it-yourself Nursing Necklace

My awesometastic friend Sabbath loaned me her nursing necklace about a week ago. Braden has been a very distractable little boy lately. When he does settle down to eat, he pinches and grabs and hits; no fun for mommy! So she let me use her necklace to see if that would help focus him. Worked beautifully! Today she took me to this cute cute cute little bead shop in Tacoma. Luff that place, wow they've got gorgeous stuff there. So I bought my supplies and we high-tailed it outta there.

Here's the basics of what I got and how I did it.

1 yard of leather cord
8 inches of thin wire
1 tiny metal loop
2 tiny metal (joiners/fasteners? Anyway it slips over the wire and you squish it and it holds it shut)
handful of assorted pretty beads

I pulled the cord through the tiny metal loop and made sure it was in the middle. Then, with both halves of the strings held together, I looped it around itself to make a knot in the middle of the cord around the metal loop leaving the ends free. Then I took my wire and started adding beads. I put my middle bead on first, then added from each end to make sure it was symmetrical. When I had put all my beads on, I slid the metal fasteners on the end of the wire, pulled the free end back through the fastener one more time (so the end formed a loop) and clamped it shut. Repeat on the other end. Lastly, I gently opened the metal loop that was on the end of my cord and slipped my wire loops through it. When tying the ends of the cord, remember to make it big enough to slip easily over your head. Complicated sounding right? It's not, I just suck at explaining things. So here's pics!

How to make a nursing necklace

How to make a nursing necklace

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Purpled Sky said...

Exactly! This worked well with my baby when I was breastfeeding. I had an aunt made me one, though. I have a very sweaty palms, and all crafty things that need beads and small wires are daunting.

Congratulations on this really creative and functional project! :-)

Nubbee said...

I've been meaning to make one of these Miranda. Thanks for the inspiration! Now if I just had a swift kick in the butt to actually do it!!