American Baby Cover Contest

Just for fun, I've entered a few of Braden's photos in a cover contest being held by American Baby. Here's the details:

Here's how it works: Take a picture of your baby discovering something new for the first time. It can be anything from eating ice cream to playing with a musical instrument to touching a furry pet. Upload your photo along with a short caption describing your child's moment of discovery before September 15th. Five winners will receive an all-expense-paid trip to New York City to be photographed for the December American Baby issue. One lucky Grand Prize winner will appear on the December American Baby cover.

How fantastic and fun would that be? If you'd like to help, please visit this link and rate Braden's photos. Also, if you could click the link above the rating that says "Recommend" that would awesome! Here's a look at the ones I entered.

American Baby Cover Contest Photo
American Baby Cover Contest Photo
American Baby Cover Contest Photo
American Baby Cover Contest Photo

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Ms. Mandi said...

I know I always comment on your blog...sorry i'm a blogstalker. I was going to try to resist, but I had to post about the 3rd image. you nailed it....awesome. You really captured that first discovery expression on his face and set up the photo just great. I'll be sure to go to the link and spread the cheer!

H2O said...

Quite cute boy you got there >.<.