Sorry it's been so long!

Things have been pretty busy around here lately. We're getting ready for my mom to come out and spend a week with us. Braden has been pretty high needs the past week, but we're hanging in there ;)

We bought him a jumperoo off Craigslist yesterday and he absolutely adores this thing! Here's an adorable video Brad made for his dad that you can enjoy, too.

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Sandy said...

A man of Action!!! Very cute indeed. Do you all have a Gymini? Martin, a Mr. High Maintenance himself, was entertained a lot with his.

Tara said...

Hes so cute! I can't believe how big hes gotten!!! I want one of those for Ryland!

Ms. Mandi said...

Where have you been? I miss your smart arse over on BBC, have you gone somewhere else? I want to play where you play....I want to be you when I grow up, so I will follow you around like the sad little sibling idolizing the big sister (no need to mention ages here). Hope all is well, was fun to see the little man in action.


WAHM Tara said...

He is just adorable and seems to love it! I bought my lil man on a few weeks ago and he cries every time i try to put him in it! lol

Maybe mommy will get some down time now, since he as found somthing he enjoys!