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Cute baby pictures
Cute baby pictures
A few days ago we were cleaning up the front office, I was walking around and comforting the baby and Brad pulls out the ShopVac from the garage. As soon as he turned it on, it was like magic, instant calm baby. So we turned it off. The crying started back up. Turn it on. Happy baby.
So Brad records the sound and has it as a playable .mp3 on his desktop, and that's works well enough for a couple of days. But then we discover that he can't really be on the computer at the same time it's playing and that's a no go :P Our geeky selves spend entirely too much time on the web. So we pull out an old speaker system from the garage (who doesn't have tons of spare computer parts hanging around?) and hook up an mp3 player to it. Hey that works great! But how to get the noise right at the babies ear level.....Brad zipties the speaker to the swing...great now my baby can go deaf from constant ShopVac noise.
My husband is a Geek. He went through all this just to have continous white noise for the baby. Braden may be the only baby in the world to have a soundsystem on his swing. Why not just play the shopvac all the time, you ask...Well, I have no idea, ask my husband!

Too much white noise can't hurt him......can it?

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Sandy said...

Nah! Em & Marty used to use a fan to create white noise and so far Martin and Lydia are hearing just fine! btw I'm Sandy Beach Girl on Blogspot and Sly55 on Live Journal.