Nightly re-cap

In an effort to post more, I am going to institute a nightly re-cap of my days, however boring they may be. So have fun reading my inane ramblings.

To catch up on the last few days...

Braden has been doing better on the fussy front the past couple of nights. Last night he only cried during dinner, and today he's napped and been a peaceful happy baby for the most part. He's napping right now as a matter of fact. I hope he keeps this up, he's a much sweeter baby when he's happy. Maybe the probiotics I gave him for a week helped, who knows. We also discovered a new trick to tummy time, which up until now he has hated with a fiery passion. I fold up a blanket and put it under his upper body and lay him on the ground and he seems to really like it. He'll stay down there looking around and smiling for a few minutes before he turns into crankenstein. It's cute. Oh wait, yeah, we also got projectile vomit for the first time ever today. He and his daddy were sitting looking at the fish tank when outta nowhere Braden just unleashes the contents of his stomach. Half digested milk was everywhere. Brad was kinda a big baby about it, funny stuff.

Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog's Tails,
That's what Little Boys are Made of!

I just bought a pack of 18 Bumgenious 3.0 OS cloth diapers, they should be here sometime next week and I am sooo excited! These things are stupid cute and I love that I won't have to keep wasting money on disposables. I'm pretty excited to build a stash of cloth, and hope to acquire just a few of the nicer really cute embroidered custom ones for special occasions. If you been looking for gift ideas there it was *hint hint* :P

I started carrying Braden in a new way in my Baby K'tan. I think it's called the adventure hold. He faces outwards so he can see what's happening in the world and he really loves it. I love this darn carrier, seriously the best $50 I've spent in a long time. On a related note, I love wearing him out when we go grocery shopping and run other errands, he can breastfeed while he's in there and it keeps him happy and content and me hands free. It's so great.

Brad and I are doing well. Just hanging out and having lazy days for the most part. It's pretty nice. We find ourselves a bit snippy with each other on occasion, but I forgive us. Who doesn't have a little extra stress with a new baby in the house.

I've been spending my free time playing around with my photo editing software. I finished up a really cute one yesterday. It's a little boy wild west wanted poster theme. I think it's cute and it was really fun to make. I also made one for my friend Sabbath and her cute-tastic little Autumn.

I have some pics to show off , but blogger is being a butt, so they will have to come later. Maybe tomorrow.

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Sandy said...

Hey gal, The Bumgenius diapers are quite cool. What is on your specific wish list? More of the 3.0?!!