Earth Hour is Tonight

Are you game?


People and places across the globe today are turning off their lights for one hour (8-9pm local time) in a symbolic move to promote efforts to curb global warming. Sydney has already begun. The Australian Earth Hour chief executive has said "I'm putting my neck on the line but my hope is that we top 100 million people."

Google has gotten on board with a black page today and the phrase, "We've turned the lights out. Now it's your turn". Also, for those looking to do a little bit extra all the time, there's Blackle, a Google search engine who's background is black all the time.

Our family plans to cut out as much electric use as we can. In addition to turning off our lights, we will turn off and unplug our computers, an event that hasn't occurred since we moved in here. We will also unplug appliances and electronics.

What are your plans for Earth Hour 2008?

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Judi said...

We turned out the lights, but still had a tv and a laptop going.. but, in our house (with 4 kids, 2 of them mid-teens) that's pretty good.

~Miranda~ said...

Hey that's awesome! Every little bit helps, it's symbolic really. I think it's great so many people got behind this idea.

Our turn is in an hour.

Thanks for the comment Judi :D

Ms. Mandi said...

Thanks for the link. Love the new blog design, do mine next do mine :)