Braden's First "Friends"

A cute idea I stole from my December due date boards over on BBC. She's taking pictures of the things her baby loves to stare and smile and coo at and keeping them in her baby book. Well, I don't have a baby book, but I've got a blog damnit

So here are Braden's first friends. The book is on the shelf a foot away from the changing pad we keep next to our computers. It's one of Brad's old computer certification textbooks. Yes that right, we're starting him down the road to geekdom early! Diaper changes are a fun time for the little man, he'll sit and stare at this book for minutes at a time.
Cute baby pictures

The other is the mobile above his swing. He absolutely LURVES these guys. He tries to talk to them I kid you not. I didn't know babies this young could be vocal on purpose but he grunts and coos up a storm at them. The monkey is Chai after our housecat that we call a trained monkey because he begs for treats, and the bird is Mr Tucan Sam after the cereal.
Cute baby pictures

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