Blogger URL, Serious PITA

So it took me, no joke, 3 days to start this blog because I couldn't come up with a Title and URL that I liked. Finally, half a sleep a couple days ago, Through the Looking Glass popped up in my head and I thought, "Oh that's so it" and promptly passed out again.

Then when I tried to actually use LookingGlass.blogspot.com or TheLookingGlass.blogspot.com or even TTLG.blogspot.com, they were all used. WTF. Two of them aren't even real profiles, some jackarse just took the url and never logged back on again. Great thanks, really.

I finally just ended up using something family oriented which is ok, at least it's semi-clever (don't burst my bubble).

Update! (04-08-08) Now I've taken a whole new spin on the subject and I'm focusing the blog on my parenting style. It's called Attachment Parenting, I hope you'll stay a while and check stuff out!

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